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October 21st, 2004

About us

Name: Allard (Schnook) v. d. B.
Profession: Machine tool engineer
Birthday: May 22, 1969
Nationality: Dutch (yes, I do love cheese!!!)
Lives in: Germany yet, soon USA
Hobbies: endless phone calls with snowflake, having fun, music, traveling (Rome rocks!!), music, puters, playing yahoo pool , reading, doing crazy stuff, creating websites nobody needs, watching Stephen King films, them endless wine nights with Laurent (its time for another one, buddy!!!)

Name: Trudy Rene (Snowflake) v. d. B.
Profession: happy home maker
Birthday: Nov 01, 1972
Nationality: American
Lives in: was USA, then Germany, now USA again
Hobbies: Talking on the phone with Schnook, traveling, movies, music, reading, my pets (love them animals), crafts, crocheting, poetry, LOSING WEIGHT!! lol...visiting with family and friends.(when I have the time!!!!), and just plain having fun

Guess who this is...?
hint... pic taken in 1973 (I guess...)
doesnt that coat rock???

Rene and me making fun with a camera... (man, I look great on that picture... lol... :-) )

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